Lizzy, a black and white Great Dane from Florida, is the Tallest dog living (female) on the planet, measuring an enormous 96.41 cm (3 ft 1.96 in) tall.
The gentle giant was measured for the record by professional veterinarians in her hometown of Fort Myers when she was seven years old.
Tallest dog living female
Lizzy’s owner Greg Sample says she had already reached her incredible height by the age of three, and he had to buy a miniature pony measuring tool because there was not a dog one big enough for her.
The record-breaking canine is so big that has to eat her food from a bowl that sits on a chair because she cannot reach the floor, and her water bowl has to stay in the garage because she makes such a mess.

Greg calls her a “show-stopper”, adding that she always attracts attention when they’re out and about.
During Lizzy’s photoshoot for the new Guinness World Records 2017 Edition book, Greg explained that his pet was really clumsy as a puppy because her paws were too big for her body.
tallest dog living Lizzy next to small dog
Greg says Lizzy is very sociable – he puts this down to her spending much of her life surrounded by cats and two tiny pet terriers.
She is now an extremely laid back dog and her favourite thing to do is ride in the car with her companion.
“I think she does realise that she’s queen of the party and she is the tallest,” Greg says. 
Lizzy is slightly shorter than the Tallest dog ever, fellow Great Dane Zeus. He lived in Otsego, Michigan, with Denise Doorlag and family, measuring a towering 111.8 cm (3 ft 8 in). He sadly passed away a few years ago, but his amazing record means that he will never be forgotten.
Tallest dog ever Zeus (left) with former tallest female dog Morgan (right)
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