Sometimes the roughest starts have happy endings - and it did for this fuzzy mammal.
Capsa the llama has been through a lot on his incredible journey, starting as a petulant, rowdy creature on a farm in Cheshire, UK. 
Arriving as a two-year-old at Black Rock Llamas, saying that he didn’t leave a good first impression is quite the understatement. 
Caspa had quite the spitting and kicking problem, and loved playing “catch me” a little too much with his owner, Sue Williams. The grand chase would get so bad, she’d often plot for several days how to corner him to put his reigns on.
Sue knew that she wasn’t going to give up on Caspa, she believed in his spirit and personality. But what she didn’t know was how she was going change his bad behaviour. 
After realising that her white llama was mistrusting of people, she understood that her plan would need a little more patience and a lot more activity. 
Soon, Caspa would soon lose his “wild stallion” ways to become an official Guinness World Records title holder.
Highest Jump by a Llama 3
With a carefully-designed exercise program, Sue aimed to raise Caspa’s confidence by putting him through agility training. Her goal was to transform his perspective of people to be more uplifting and faithful.  
After many sessions of practice, Sue would at times become frustrated. 
There was no guidance for owner and llama to follow, Sue would study his behaviour and judge the next step of the course. 
She instead used similar techniques to dog-training agility, in the hopes that it would work for Caspa. 
It took months, but Sue eventually saw a huge transformation in her farm animal. No longer going for the ankles, he would completed the course so well that she added him to her Llama Agility display team. 
After becoming one of the best on the llama team, Caspa’s shining moment would be at the DogFest Show in 2015.
Highest Jump by a Llama 1
There he jumped a hurdle at the height of an incredible 1.13 m (3 ft 8.5 in), all without touching the bar. This feat earned himself a world record: Highest bar jump cleared by a llama, an achievement which has earned him a place in this year’s Guinness World Records 2017 Edition.
An experience of true perseverance and triumph, Sue and Caspa are now an accomplished duo. 
“We wish to show how talented and agile our llamas are to the world,” said Williams, and we’d say that with the natural talent of Caspa, she certainly did. 
Highest Jump by a Llama 4
This record and thousands of others appear in the new Guinness World Records 2017 Edition which is out now priced at £20 in the UK and $28.95 in the US. 

The Guinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2017 is also available now for £9.99 UK and $14.99 US.