As part of celebrations to mark the release of the Guinness World Records 2017 book, NBC’s TODAY Show has been hosting a series of televised record attempts throughout the week.
Current title holders have been rising to the Break It TODAY challenge with the aim of beating their own record each morning on the show's set in New York City, with thousands of viewers watching the suspenseful attempts live. 
In case you missed it, we’ve compiled the videos for you to see a week’s worth of dynamic record-breaking, from incredible backflips, straightjacket escapes, and one-legged jump roping.
Did they succeed? Find out in the clips below.
Monday: Longest backflip into a pair of trousers
Raymond Butler has a passion for flipping out, but more so into pants! On the outdoor set of the Today Show, Raymond attempted to reclaim his record that was taken from him just three months after he earned it in 2013. His initial record was a jump the length of 2.1 m and was achieved on the set of “Guinness World Records Unleased” in Los Angeles California. The record holder who beat his record achieved a jump the distance of 2.35 m, setting the bar high for Butler’s attempt on Monday in Manhattan. With teammates holding the pair of pants open for Butler to slide into, he did a triple backflip into a pair of khakis, taking back the title with his second try. 
Tuesday: Fastest escape from a straitjacket while suspended in chains
Eluding tight situations is Lucas Wilson’s forte. The Canadian is a three-time record holder for records involving escaping from straitjackets. The 26-year-old masters escapes from great heights and even underwater. On the set of the show Tuesday, official adjudicator Rob Molloy stood watching Lucas’s set up: a straitjacket, chains, and a crane that would hang him upside down as he attempted to beat his own record for Fastest escape from a straightjacket in suspension and chains - with the goal of pulling off the feat in under 10.6 seconds. Following the footsteps of his idol Houdini, Lucas made a valiant effort but did not break the ambitious record. With a smile, he still accepted the defeat gracefully, and was surprised at the end of the segment with a certificate for a new record he had previously applied for. 
Wednesday: Most balloons broken with the mouth in 30 seconds
This colourful record popped up on American TV screens everywhere on Wednesday as Ashrita Furman, prolific Guinness World Record holder, attempted to take the title for Most balloons popped with the mouth in 30 seconds. Ashrita has broken over 500 records and holds over 200 currently. This record would add to his extensive collection, and his mantra of always pushing the limits. With a small window, Ashrita went around the table biting balloons like a human Pacman in the hope of beating the minimum requirement of seven balloons. After totalling the results, adjudicator Rob Molloy confirmed that Ashrita had indeed achieved the minimum, with a whopping total of 19, bringing his total of held records to 210. 
Thursday: Most skips with one leg behind the head in one minute
The incredible Bria Roberts flew all the way from Los Angeles, California (USA) in order to break her current record for Most skips with one leg behind thee head in one minute. Bria first achieved this record in 2013 while on the set of TV show “Guinness World Records Unleashed”. Once again in front of TV cameras on Thursday, Bria aimed to bring her current record to new standards by beating 33 skips. After several dramatic occurrences, including tripping once and snapping her jump rope- it looked as if Bria would miss out on a record.  However, Bria performed so well in the beginning, she shocked everyone with her total of 35 skips, helping her to increase her record. 
Friday: Most juggling catches in one minute blindfolded (three balls) 
For the last attempt on a week of record-breaking on the Today Show, David Rush came from Boise, Idaho to beat his own record of most juggling catches in one minute blindfolded. A juggling-extraordinaire, David has five records involving the skill, with one that involves balancing a chainsaw on his chin. For this record title, David needed to beat his number of 364 catches to break his own record. After four noble tries, it seemed that nerves had gotten the better of David as he was not able to beat his previous benchmark. Either way, David performed well on set of the show, and still holds an incredible number of records! 

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