MTV has set a new promotional bar for its colossal introduction to the Video Music Awards, officially snagging the record for the largest aerial projection screen. 
This unprecedented stunt pulled off by Branding by Air (Australia) for MTV (USA) used a helicopter to tow a projection screen measuring 1,625 m2 (17,500 ft2). 
Simultaneously, two other helicopters flew on either side to display a loop video of some of MTV’s shining stars, specifically Ariana Grande, who used the projection screen to introduce her VMA performance. 
Branding by Air, which specifies in “aerial marketing,” used unique image mapping technology to pull of the massive accomplishment.
The 250 feet wide screen was almost as wide as the Statue of Liberty is tall, and entertained viewers with video of Grande and Nicki Minaj. 
Branding by Air makes its own banners, with this record-breaking screen needing special engineering to pull-off the feat. 
In particular, the screen had pockets at the top to help lift it, while weighted bags were added to the bottom to help it fly straight. 
Largest aerial projection screen 2
Using piloting techniques as well as three 4K projectors stacked on top of one another, helicopters needed to fly roughly 200 feet away from the screen in order to perfect the projection. 
The military-grade choppers used were the only ones considered muscular enough to pull off such a feat.
It was an impressive achievement delivered by MTV and Branding by Air. 
The projection screen cruised up and down the Hudson River in New York City several times, mesmerising unsuspecting passersby. 
We at Guinness World Records say that this enormous screen is a technological record that will make other advertisers raise the bar. 
Largest aerial projection screen 3