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Come on ladies, now let's get in formation! At least that's what Beyonce might say to the brave women in this week's archive clip. 
In the video below from back in October 2014, 117 women from around the world take the Guinness World Records title for Parachuting - largest sequential freefall formation (female) in a spectacular, successful attempt.
From above, their bodies can be seen as a beautiful mosaic of colourful jumpsuits, gliding a massive 7,000 feet above the ground.
With coordination and skill, they managed to interlock hands and form a snowflake shape pattern in mid-air in order to achieve the record title.  
Largest sequential freefall formation 2
Women from several nations came together to break this adrenaline-infused record, with participants from Brazil, United States, Argentina, Norway,  Australia, Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, Netherlands, Paraguay, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Romania, France, Russian Federation, Sweden, Switzerland, Mexico, and United Kingdom- making this a truly diverse and global accomplishment. 
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