India’s Bangalore Baking Buddies recently created the world’s Largest dirt cake in a successful attempt to demonstrate the company’s skills and passion for baking.
The giant treat was unveiled at The Park hotel in Bangalore, Karnataka in India and weighed a whopping 1,078 kg (2,376 lb 9.28 oz).
A dirt cake is a cake that uses crumbs from sandwich cookies and pudding in combination with other ingredients to create a dessert that has a dirty, garden-like look. This one contained 220 kg cream cheese, 190 litres whipped cream, 550 kg crushed sandwich cookies, 65 kg sugar, 180 litres milk, 45 kg custard powder, 35 kg sweets, 85 kg butter and 35kg worth of edible decoration.
The delicious desert was lovingly made by bakers Danish Ali, Dr Archana Diwan, Nidhi Bagri and Poonam Ankur Shrishrimal, who spent over 10 hours preparing it.
Largest dirt cake Bangalore Baking Buddies India
Talking about their enormous achievement, Poonam said: “When you are passionate about something, there is only joy, the aspiration to meet the challenge. Tiredness does not feature until the work is accomplished. But even then, the euphoria of the achievement brushes away all the aches and pains.”
She continued: “It is a case of mission accomplished. We proved that if we have a passion and set our mind to meet the challenge, every hurdle can be crossed.”
Largest dirt cake Bangalore Baking Buddies certificate presentation
Guinness World Records adjudicator Rishi Nath was on hand to verify the record and present an official certificate to Bangalore Baking Buddies.
He commented: “This is a tremendous achievement and it is certainly going to be hard for another team to break this record. The team started with the bench mark of 1000 kilos of Dirt Pudding Cake but the weighing scale finally tipped to an even greater height of 1078 kilos.”
Once the new record was announced, guests at the event were able to try some of the dirt cake and the rest was distributed to underprivileged schools, including a school for blind children, and various NGOs.