The world record for the Largest human mattress dominoes has been knocked down once again, after bedding brands Stylution Int’l (China) Corp. and Ayd Group set up a chain reaction with a staggering 2,016 people.
Largest human mattress dominoes portrait
The incredible attempt took place outside a shopping mall in Wuhan, Hubei, China on Saturday.
The human mattress dominoes took 14 minutes 47 seconds from start to finish and an enthusiastic crowd of spectators cheered throughout.
Largest human mattress dominoes shopping centre China
Official adjudicator Dong Cheng from the Guinness World Records headquarters in Beijing attended the event to verify the new record.
Largest human mattress dominoes certificate presentation China
He confirmed that the participants smashed the previous record of 1,200 people that was achieved by Aaron's, Inc., in National Harbor, Maryland, USA only four months ago.
Following the attempt, the organisers donated 300 single mattresses to a local charity that helps people affected by flooding.
Largest human mattress dominoes China