Twenty-three year old martial artist Silvana Shamuon from Canada has broken the world record for the Most items kicked off people’s heads in one minute after skilfully knocking down 59 American footballs with her feet.
The incredible attempt took place at St. David Catholic School in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada in front of a huge audience of students.
Silvana has practiced martial arts for 19 years and attempted this record to put her skills to the ultimate test.
In her application for the title, the super-fit female said: “I wanted to break a record mainly to push myself and see what I am capable of. In the martial arts world you are constantly evolving and learning new things and I wanted to put everything I’ve learned in my 19 years in the sport to the ultimate test. I always strive to be the best martial artist I can be, whether that be for myself or teaching others.”
Most items kicked off peoples heads in one minute Canada
The rules for this Guinness World Records title state that the foot has to touch the floor between each kick and that the people who balance objects on their heads must have a minimum height of 1.65 metres (5 ft 4.1 in).
The people are permitted to bend their knees for stability but anyone who bends to a level which is deemed not to be for stability purposes, but instead to aid the claimant cannot count towards the record.
Most items kicked off peoples heads in one minute measuring volunteers
Previously, the most items kicked off people's heads in one minute was 57 and was achieved by Gaurav Goley (India) in Bareilly, India, on 28 January last year. Gaurav is a practitioner of TaeKwondo and kicked plastic cones off the heads of two associates.