The Tulln Domino Team from Austria recently toppled three spectacular world records in one massive chain reaction set-up including compact disc cases, a stick bomb and a domino wall.
Twenty-two members of the group spent three days arranging thousands and thousands of dominoes for the event in Tulln in Austria which was set up to celebrate the group’s seven years of working together.
Tulln Domino Team records set up
The epic domino show started with a record for the Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion, which saw a staggering 10,266 cases knocked down.
This went on to initiate a huge spring-loaded stick bomb which was expertly constructed out of flat sticks woven together under tension.
Most disc cases toppled in a domino fashion
Tulln Domino Team previously set the record for the Largest stick bomb in 2015 with 30,849 sticks, but this attempt included a whopping 40,910.
The stick bomb stops for about two minutes during the attempt, but then continues without any interference while a giant domino wall was busy setting a record at the same time.
The Longest domino wall was made out of 42,173 pieces and was an incredible is 40.14 metres long – arguably the highlight of the entire display.
Longest domino wall
In addition to the three record-breaking formations, the construction also included a range of other items including books and cups which were also toppled in a domino fashion. However, these were not included in the records.
The event was a big hit with the audience and media in attendance, who cheered throughout.
Tulln Domino Team