What’s bright, colorful and in the shape of Big Ben? The latest record broken in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada. 
On June 30, many gathered around to view the stunning display of the Largest PEZ dispenser sculpture at the Aberdeen Centre. The total measurements of the massive art piece was 5 ft x 5 ft x 7 ft, making it a giant display of originality and history. 
Largest Pez Dispenser
The sculpture was designed by artist Dio Wong, who is based out of Tokyo. With the help of several members of the local community, Wong and enthusiastic volunteers worked to stack the Pez dispensers to make an accurately scaled replica of the London landmark. 
It took 10,000 dispensers to compose the sculpture, which was created in honour of a summer promotion at the Center known as “London Calling”, a summer exhibition of English culture and antiquity, which runs through September. 
Largest Pez Dispenser 2
Those who decide to visit the grand display can experience a taste of England, while also seeing the London Eye and the Tower Bridge; an impressive edible display assembled out of Pez candy. 
Largest Pez Image Adjudicator
From candy container to a work of art, it’s safe to say this new record has become one of the Lower Mainland’s sweeter sights to see.