Talented water-skier Mike Murphy – who developed the first ever 'Air Chair' with Bob Woolley in the late 80s – has broken the Guinness World Records title for the Tallest sit-down hydrofoil ridden.
At a big public water-sports event at Long Beach in California, USA, Murphy rode an incredible 3.42 metre (11 foot 2.6 inches) tall Air Chair.
Tallest sit down hydrofoil ridden Mike Murphy
Murphy skillfully demonstrated the usable height of the sit-down hydrofoil by breaking the surface of the water with the 'wing', and then maintaining control for a further 100 feet.
A hydrofoil consists of a long fin attached beneath a board on which the rider sits in a raised chair. The hydrofoil causes the seat to leave the surface of the water during motion (towed behind a speed boat).
The foil of a sit-down hydrofoil is typically around three feet long – 8 foot shorter that Mike’s innovative, record-breaking chair.
Measuring the tallest hydrofoil
In his application for the record, Murphy told Guinness World Records: “I have been pushing the limits of towed watersports […] for years, so this is just an official extension of that long-time passion.”
Mike takes the record from William Blair (UK), who created and successfully rode a 3.28 m (10 ft 9.1 in) tall hydrofoil chair behind a motorboat in 2003.
The record for the Highest jump on a hydrofoil is 23 ft (7.01 m) and was set by Billy Rossini (USA) at Lake Norman, North Carolina, USA on 1 August 2004 (pictured below).
Highest jump performed on a hydrofoil