Guinness World Records recently uncovered this stunning footage of Stéphanie Gicquel’s record-breaking expedition, which saw her set a new record for the Longest assisted journey across Antarctica on skis (female) by travelling a staggering 2,045 km (1270.7 miles). 
Stéphanie, who comes from Paris in France, skied from Messner Start to Hercules Inlet between 14 November 2014 and 27 January 2015.

The experienced explorer undertook the challenge because she wanted share her enthusiasm for the world’s polar regions with others.
She completed the epic journey with her husband Jérémie.
The couple received resupplies during their travels, but they completed the entire distance using human-power only. This means that they had no assistance from wind kites, motors or dogs.
Longest assisted journey across Antarctica on skis (female) Stephanie dragging supplies

Writing about the journey, Stéphanie said: “This expedition was highly challenging. Antarctica is the windiest, highest, driest and coldest continent on earth. Since the South Pole was reached for the first time in 1911, less than 10 explorers have attempted to ski across all of Antarctica, using only the strength of their arms and legs – with no kite."

"There are not many who have succeeded. Explorers usually use kites in Antarctica to take advantage of the wind in order to travel a longer distance every day (100 to 200 km - sometimes even more) while pulling heavier sledges."

Longest assisted journey across Antarctica on skis (female) Stephanie 

Stéphanie spent three years planning the journey and was determined to complete the gruelling challenge – even after breaking her shoulder just months before she was due to set off.

The expedition raised over 10,000 euros for Petits Princes, a French charity which aims to answer the wishes of sick children.