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This week’s video goes back to the set of Guinness World Records - Ab India Todega in Mumbai, India in March 2011, where professional choreographer and dancer Lourd Vijay (India) broke the record for the Most swing dance flips in a minute with an incredible 39 correctly performed somersaults.
The 34-year-old salsa pro chose three of his talented dance students to partner with during the record attempt.
The Times of India reported Lourd said: "My job was actually to find someone who would break the record, because I scout talent. Nobody was willing, though, so I thought I'd give it a go myself."
Most swing dance flips in one minute certificate presentation
The previous record had stood for over four years before Lourd and his dance partners spun onto the scene. Alternating between four female dancers, Russell Sargeant (UK) was able to flip each of his partners head over heels to achieve 33 swing dance flips in one minute on the set of Dancing in the Streets, a BBC live show hosted by Bruce Forsyth and Zoe Ball, at Trafalgar Square, London, UK, in July 2006.
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