We want to inspire you to become a legend. As well as the thousands of record applications we get every year (all of which have to meet strict criteria to become a record and be approved), there are also many new categories created by our Records Management Team to keep up with changing technology, fashions and social trends.

We are hoping for someone who is ready to step up and become legendary, so why not see what record you could break?

1. Deepest depth driven by a car underwater

James Bond’s Lotus famously transformed into a sub aqua vehicle, but with this attempt you are free to modify any car you like. Minimum requirement is 10 m (32 ft 9 in).

2. Farthest distance flight by helium balloons

Here’s your chance to recreate the scene from Pixar’s film ‘Up’ – where they used domestic balloons in a net to move a house. Thankfully you don’t need to take the house to get this record. Minimum requirement is 402.34 km (250 miles).
helium balloons

3. Most BASE jumps in 24 hours - Human powered ascent

Jump off the mountain, release parachute, land safely, run up the mountain – repeat for 24 hours until legendary. Minimum requirement is 57 jumps.
base jump

4. Fastest 100 m in a powered exoskeleton

Could you give Usain Bolt a run for his money? Minimum requirement is 22 seconds.

5. Highest trampoline bounce

One of those absolute records that’s never been held. Minimum requirement 10 m (32 ft 9 in).

6. Fastest autonomous car

As tech moves us closer to the era of the driverless car we are excited to see the fastest record tumble around a race track. Minimum requirement 200 km/h (124.27 mph).

7. Fastest coffee (harvesting to serving)

Harvest, dry, roast, grind and brew – as fast as you possibly can. Minimum yet to be set.
Largest iced coffee

8. Highest climb by a biped robot

Using ropes we challenge the robotics world to rise to the attempt. Minimum requirement 1500 m (4,921 ft).
Most robots dancing simultaneously header

9. Fastest crossing of the Atlantic by pedalo

There are few great journeys left in the field of human achievement to be completed, crossing the Atlantic by pedalo is one of those final frontiers. Minimum requirement 60 days or less.

10. Largest animated tablet computer mosaic

We’ve seen the record broken using mobile phone screens and it was very cool but now we’d like to see one broken using tablets! Min. Requirement 200 tablets.
Animated mobile phone mosaic