The “Winds of Winter” have taken over the summer as the Game of Thrones season finale approaches. With the medieval resurrection of Jon Snow to Daenerys conquering the Masters with beasts, Season 6 of the incredibly successful show has been utterly gripping.
While warriors slay each other to take back the throne, little do they realise the show itself is holder of many king-worthy records titles.
To take your mind off waiting for the tantalising premiere of the final episode, we’ve put together a series of our favourite records from Westeros and the Seven Kingdoms. 

Most Emmy Awards Won By A TV Series in a Season

Game of Thrones incredible popularity has been reflected with the amount of accolades it has received since first hitting screens back in 2011. The show currently holds the record for most Emmy’s won in a season with the fictional world of Kings and Queens now ruling the competition with 12 trophies. 

Most Pirated Television Programme

Fans of the show crave it so much that GoT has been the world’s most illegally downloaded show for four years in a row. According to website TorrentFreak, users’ swiped goods worse than House Greyjoy of Pike with  an estimated 8,100,000 illegal downloads per single episode in 2014. 

Most VES Awards won by a TV Series

The White Walkers, direwolves, and three-eyed ravens didn’t make themselves. The show’s petrifying mystical creatures has helped GoT win a record 16 awards over the last four years from the Visual Effects Society.

Largest TV Drama Simulcast

The second episode of season five was shown in 173 countries across the globe simultaneously, triumphing over previous title holder CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, which had set the record with 171 just a couple of months earlier. 

Fastest 20 Meters Carrying Two Fridges

Hulking Game of Thrones actor Thor Björnsson- - better know as “The Mountain” - proved he’s equally as  strong in real life as his onscreen persona after carrying two refrigerators the span of 20 m in only 19.6 seconds on the set of Lo show dei record  in Milan back in 2014.

Shortest Reign- British King

We all thought King Joffrey had a tragically brief stay in the throne, especially after ruling for just a year before being killed. But that's nothing on King Edward V, who only got the chance to taste the crown for 77 days in 1483.  

World’s Largest Walking Robot

This record might be the closest taste we get of coming face-to-face with dragons Viserion, Drogon, and Rhaegal. At 51 feet in height, and 26 feet in length, this electronic monster walks and even spits fire. Lovingly nicknamed “Fanny” by its creators, you better not get under her skin- she weighs a whopping 24,250 pounds, rivalling the most mythical of creatures. 

Largest Ancient Castle

The largest ancient castle does not lie in the heart of King’s Landing. Instead Hradcany Castle in Prague, Czech Republic takes the record. 
Oldest Castle
Built in the 9th Century in an unusual polygon shape. The surface area of the property is the span of 18 acres, making it one of the mightiest palaces in the world.  

Tallest Suit of Armour

Rickon could have definitely used this record-breaking suit when running from Ramsay Bolton’s arrow in episode 9. Standing 6 feet 8 inches high, it’s quite the medieval relic. 

Largest Image of a Human Shield

The winners of this record unfortunately did not represent one of the house sigils with their human shield, but that doesn’t mean you can’t. 
Largest Human Shield
With 318 participants, the Nuffield Health Wellbeing Division collaboratively formed this image of the company logo.