In an attempt organised by The Sun, multiple record-breaking freestyle footballer John Farnworth set a brand new record for the Highest soccer ball dropped and controlled, as he managed to successfully trap the ball after it fell from 105ft.
The regulation size-5 soccer ball was released by a huge specially-designed drone, created by Batcam, which was built with a mechanical arm that could grip and drop the ball.
Highest soccer ball dropped and controlled John Farnworth and drone
An official Guinness World Records adjudicator attended the event to ensure that all the guidelines were followed, including that the football was juggled for a minimum of five touches after it was caught.
On his incredible achievement, the skilled footballer said: "Setting this world record has been the craziest challenge of my career.
“In training I have suffered bruising to my foot and become familiar with high bridges and car parks across the North West! On the day we have fantastic weather with the exception of tricky cross-winds, which added to the skill required from me and the Batcam drone pilots.”
Highest soccer ball dropped and controlled drone
Adam Brown, Guinness World Records Sports Records Manager commented: “This is up there with the most difficult and most impressive football freestyle records we monitor – to not only trap the ball but to maintain control for at least five touches, as our rules stipulate, demonstrates jaw-dropping skill.”
Highest soccer ball dropped and controlled GWR adjudicator
John Farnworth is no stranger to record-breaking success, being the current title holder for Most football touches with the toes in one minute (109), Most football touches with the heel in one minute by a male (154), Most full volley rebounds in 30 seconds (28) and Most 'around the world' ball control tricks in one minute by a male (85).

You can see behind the scenes footage plus more extreme freestyle stunts on John’s ‘Football Magic’ YouTube channel.

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