It has been said that Ron Cooper (USA) is pound-for-pound the strongest man in the world, and he recently took on two Guinness World Records titles in an attempt to demonstrate his strength.
The financial planner who is married with two daughters first attempted the Most pull ups with a 60 lb (27.2 kg) pack in one minute at the North Shore YMCA in Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA, and achieved a staggering total of 18.
Ron, who has earned himself the nickname ‘The Pull Up Guy’, then set the record for the Most push ups with a 60 lb (27.2 kg) pack in one minute with a gruelling 57 – breaking the previous record by seven reps.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Kimberly Partrick was on hand to make sure that Ron completed the fitness challenges using the correct technique.
Ron does two intense 30-60 minute training sessions every week in order to perfect his skill.
Guinness World Records recently caught up with Ron to talk to him about his incredible record attempts, and he said: “Setting a Guinness World Records title is a very big deal to me and something I’m always very proud to do.”
Ron Cooper holds a multitude of fitness records including the Most pull-ups in one minute with a 40 lb pack (25), Most chin ups in one minute carrying a 40-lb pack (27) and Most knuckle push-ups in one minute (79).