Largest bobblehead created for shareholders show in the US

By Sofia Rocher
Largest bobblehead Big Dog header
In a bid to demonstrate their brand promise 'Expect Big Things', Applied Underwriters, a leading provider of workers’ compensation insurance and financial services for companies nationwide, recently broke the record for Largest bobblehead
The bobblehead was made in the likeness of the company’s St. Bernard mascot and measures 4.69 m (15 ft 4.75 in), weighing nearly 1,500 pounds.
Largest bobblehead Big Dog record
The bobblehead, named “Big Dog”, was introduced at the 2016 Berkshire Hathaway Shareholders Show at the Omaha Convention Center in Omaha, Nebraska (USA) on April 29th and 30th.
Big Dog loomed large over the Convention Center while Berkshire Hathaway shareholders posed for photos with him at the Applied Underwriters booth.
Creating the giant bobblehead took nearly 400 hours of design and physical labor. It is made of steel and polystyrene and has a two-ton spring inside the head that allows it to bobble.
Largest bobblehead Big Dog Applied Underwriters
The Big Dog bobblehead will appear at to-be-announced locations across the United States to support the company’s national advertising campaign.
Applied Underwriters Brand Communications Director Nate Wells said: “People love our big dog campaign, which has been running for the past seven years, and our St. Bernard mascot, which symbolizes the company’s ubiquitous marketplace presence and our core values of diligence and reliability.”
The record was previously held by the Game Show Network, which in 2003 created a bobblehead in the likeness of game show host Chuck Woolery that stood at 11 ft (3.35 m) tall and weighed 900 lb (408 kg).