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In this week’s clip, skateboarder Martin Drayton from Trinidad and Tobago swerves into the record books with the Fastest time to skateboard 50 cones slalom, achieving a speedy time of 12.83 seconds on a Gecko skateboard.
The challenge took place in Hyde Park, London, UK, on 2 October 2007, during filming for a Chinese TV show.
The cones had to be 1.6 metres (5 foot 3 inches) apart, and Drayton was not allowed to knock any of them over.
It took him a couple of attempts, but the 2005 World Amateur Tight Slalom champion finally broke the world record, in spite of the wet weather.
Fastest time to skateboard 50 cones slalom Martin Drayton certificate presentation
However, Sweden’s Mikael Hadestrand bettered Drayton’s record in 2014, with an incredible time of 9.73 seconds (pictured below).
Fastest time to skateboard 50 cones slalom Mikael Hadestrand
The Fastest time to skateboard 100 cones in slalom is 19.41 seconds which was set by Janis Kuzmins (Latvia) on the set of CCTV-Guinness World Records Special at the Asia-Pacific Experimental School of Beijing Normal University, in Beijing, China, in 2013.
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