The Largest slot machine tournament involved 3,173 participants in an event organized by Muckleshoot Casino with support from Everi Games Inc. in Auburn, Washington, USA. The record was attempted as a celebration of the 21st anniversary celebration of the Muckleshoot Casino at the end of last month.
Conrad Granito, General Manager of Muckleshoot Casino, said: “This is a thrilling honor not just for Muckleshoot Casino, but for the incredible 3,173 players who hold this record with us equally. Their spirited enthusiasm, combined with the exhilarating fun of Everi’s TournEvent of Champions, created a winning combination.”
Largest slot machine tournament mascot
Participation in the event, which awarded more than $100,000 in cash and prizes to participants, was free to guests 21 years of age and older.
The tournament’s top finisher received $21,000 in cash and a four-night trip to Las Vegas to compete for a chance to win $1 million in Everi’s TournEvent of Champions® championship event on September 28, 2016.
Linda Trinh, Everi Vice President of Marketing & Promotions said: “We are proud to be a part of this historic event and want to thank Muckleshoot Casino, as well as all the players, who helped make this our biggest TournEvent of Champions tournament to date.”