Guinness World Records recently uncovered this incredible footage of French stuntman Yannick Dupont whizzing into the record books with the Longest individual ATV side-wheelie ever, travelling a staggering 34.29 km (21.30 miles) on two wheels of a quadbike at the Cite de l'Automobile in Mulhouse, France last year. 
To put that into perspective, that's almost the distance between the UK and France.

The Guinness World Records guidelines for this title state that the vehicle is not allowed to be fitted with any devices (such as bars or wheels) to prevent it from tipping over during the drive - so the pilot must use only his driving skills to keep the bike on its side.
The previous record-setting ATV side-wheelie measured 27.18 km (16.89 miles) and was completed by Daniel Adams (USA) near Grantsville, Utah, USA, in October 2012.
Yannick also holds the record for the Longest tandem ATV side-wheelie along with Dalila Ouadah (also France). They covered 26.07 km (16.2 miles) on the same racetrack, riding an Arctic Cat 300 DVX ATV.
Longest tandem ATV side-wheelie