Thirty-two official Guinness World Records titles have today been broken at this year’s Virgin Money London Marathon from 55 listed attempts. 
The fastest time of all GWR runner records was Sean Fitzpatrick, dressed as a film character,who came in at a hugely impressive time of 2:39.09.
On hand to verify all new world records set was official Guinness World Records Adjudicator Adam Brown, who said: “The Finish Line at the London Marathon is an incredible place to spend an afternoon – the outpouring of emotion from runners and spectators alike is heart-warming” 
“It was a huge privilege to award so many new Guinness World Records titles today, the icing on the cake for the most determined and creative fun-runners” 
“They’ve all raising significant funds for their chosen charities; they’ve earned a place in the Guinness World Records book and are all Officially Amazing.”
Today's record in London came as Guinness World Records confirmed that ESA Astronaut Tim Peake has achieved a brand new Guinness World Records title for the Fastest marathon in orbit, running the Digital Virgin Money London Marathon 400km above earth on-board the International Space Station in 3:35.21.
Please see below for a full list of Guinness World Records titles achieved today in London:

1.       Sean Fitzpatrick, Fastest marathon in film character costume (male) (Elsa from Frozen): 2:39.09

2.       Alistair Smith, Fastest marathon in a nurse's uniform (male): 2:45.37

3.       Mark Lambell, Fastest Marathon in scout uniform: 2:58.44           

4.       Lee Goodwin, Fastest marathon dressed as a plant (Flower pot): 3:02.43

5.       Martin Hewlett, Fastest marathon dressed as an astronaut (male):3:06.26

6.       Damian Thacker and Luke Symonds, Fastest marathon three-legged (male): 3:07.57

7.       Ben Evans, Fastest marathon dressed in a full body dinosaur outfit:3:08.34

8.       Naomi Flanagan, Fastest Marathon dressed as a book character (female) (Tinkerbelle): 3:08.34

9.       Charlie Long, Fastest marathon dressed as a bottle (male): 3:09.37

10.   Michael Stevenson, Fastest Marathon dressed as an organ (Prostate): 3:13.20

11.   Katie Godof, Fastest marathon in an animal costume (female) (Tortoise): 3.15:39

12.   Steven Reading, Fastest marathon dressed as a circus strongman(male): 3:19.30

13.   Francis Gilroy, Fastest Marathon by a mascot (male): 3:17.57

14.   Petr Hruska, Fastest marathon dressed as an elf (male): 3:19.15

15.   Scott Boyd, Fastest marathon in highland dress (male): 3:21:00

16.   Greg Trevelyan, Fastest marathon dressed as a crustacean (male) (Lobster): 3:17.57

17.   Richard Kell, Fastest marathon dressed as a gingerbread man: 3:29.21

18.   Ian Rule, Fastest marathon dressed as a tap (male): 3:42.55

19.   Owen Arthurs, Fastest marathon in a graduation gown (male): 3:43.20

20.   Faye Morse, Fastest marathon in film character costume (female)(Tinkerbelle from Moulin Rouge): 3:44.14

21.   Ryan Deering, Fastest marathon dressed as a fast food item (Hotdog): 3:57.17

22.   Corin Leach, Fastest marathon dressed in a Ghillie suit (female): 3:58.57

23.   Rachel Bown, Fastest marathon by a mascot (female): 3:58.57 

24.   Erin Fairhead, Fastest marathon in a fire-fighter’s uniform (female):4.09:32

25.   Phil Olson, Fastest marathon dressed as a chef: 4:07.17

26.   Chris Coulson and Thomas Church, Fastest Marathon in a two-person costume (Horse and Jockey): 4:21.21

27.   Gill Punt, Fastest marathon in a full-body animal costume (female)(Polar Bear): 4:22.08

28.   Fraser Barrett, Charles Reynolds and Oliver Smith, Fastest four-legged marathon: 4:44.19

29.   Dave Cooke, Fastest marathon wearing chainmail: 5:45.51

30.   Lee Small, Stevie Clifford-Tucker, Mick Palmer and Jim Lafferty, Fastest Marathon in a four-person costume (all London Firemen, in a Fire Engine costume)


31.   Michael Barker, Fastest marathon carrying an 80-lb pack: 5:43.24 

32.   Chris Shirley, Fastest marathon carrying an 100-lb pack: 7:47.00