April 29 marks International Dance Day, a worldwide celebration of the performing art. Founded by the International Dance Council in 1982, the annual event commemorates the birthday of the French dancer and creator of modern ballet Jean-Georges Noverre.

To mark the occasion, here are a handful of record-breaking displays of fancy footwork from the Guinness World Records database.

1. Longest Marathon on a Dance Game

Last year, Carrie Swidecki (pictured above), a teacher from Bakersfield, California, played the popular video game ‘Just Dance 2015’ for 138 hours 34 seconds, earning herself the record for longest Marathon on a Dance Game. Carrie live streamed the whole attempt on Twitch and raised $7,305 in donations for the charity ExtraLife4Kids.
Carrie considers herself an ambassador for ‘exergaming’ and says of her record-breaking: “I never want to wake up from this dream! Thirteen years ago I was 210 pounds, and then I discovered how easy it was to exercise using videogames. I lost 75 pounds, went down 10 sizes and have go on to become an advocate to fight childhood obesity in schools”.
Previously she held the record with a 76 hr 4 min 52 sec boogie:

2. Oldest Salsa Dancer 

Dancing grandmother Sarah “Paddy” Jones astounded both the judges and a watching TV audience of millions when she appeared on Britain's Got Talent last year.
However the 80-year-old’s incredible talents were no secret to us here at Guinness World Records, having recognised her amazing dancing skills back in 2009 when we awarded her the title for Oldest acrobatic salsa dancer.
Oldest salsa dancer
In the 2009 interview below, Paddy from Stourbridge, UK talks about her incredible talent and how she made her way into the record books.

3. Largest Kaikottikali dance

The Kaikottikali stands as one of the most popular South Indian dances from the Hindu communities of the state of Kerala. Performed exclusively by women mainly during the Malayalam festival of Onam, the dance remains popular among Hindu Malayalam women who prepare painstakingly for this special occasion.
Led by choreographer Jitha Binoy, the successful attempt at the record for largest Kaikottikali dance, which formed part of the Thanima Arts Festival in Irinjalakuda (India) back in January, saw 5,211 dancers set a new record in front of a captivated audience of over 55,000.
Check out some mesmerising footage of the attempt below.

4. Most breakdance windmills in 30 seconds

In the clip below, LeeRoy Bailey, a break-dancing expert form the UK, performs a dizzying 46 windmill moves in 30 seconds.

The attempt took place on the set of the UK TV show Guinness World Records Smashed back in March 2009. It was beaten a year later by Italian street dancer Mauro Peruzzi, who managed an incredible 50 revolutions during the Sony Ericsson UK B-Boy Championships, World Finals, in London in October 2010.

5. Largest Tap Dance

Finally, what better way to end this list than with a classic piece of footage from the hugely popular kid’s TV show 'Record Breakers'.
In the clip below which first aired in 1977, the show’s legendary host Roy Castle tap dances with 500 others around BBC Television Centre to break the record for largest tap dance in spectacular style.

The record now stands at 6,951 people, for a dance which took place in Stuttgart, Germany in May 1998.