Veteran soldier Alpaslan Durmuş (Turkey) broke the record for the Longest continuous vocal note last month, sustaining the sound for an astonishing 1 min 52 sec at the Kipdaş Mühendislik in Istanbul, Turkey.
How long can you last up against this incredible record holder?
The Turkish singer successfully kept the note above the required decibel threshold from a measurement distance of 2.5 metres.
The Guinness World Records rules for this challenge state that a constant pitch must be maintained throughout the attempt, but a slight range is allowed for the volume.
Alpaslan Durmus Longest continuous vocal note record holder
Durmuş was seriously wounded while fighting for the army in his early 20s which sadly left the musician disabled.
In his application for the record title, he told Guinness World Records: “Things that caused me to cling to life were firstly the radio of my father and secondly the music. And I … promised my father that I will enter the Guinness book of records and all over the world shall hear me … My father is sick and I will keep my promise before his death and my father can see this success of me.”
Durmuş bettered the previous record which was achieved in 2009 by Richard Fink IV (USA), at GFI Studios, Webster, New York, USA with a time of 1 min 43 sec.