Joonas Mäkipelto from Finland recently smashed the record for the Most chin ups in 24 hours with a mind-blowing 5,050 reps, in spite of suffering a painful shoulder injury during the early stage of the attempt.
The firefighter undertook the challenge in the Shopping centre Ideapark, in Lempäälä, Finland on a stage in front of an audience.
 Most chin ups in 24 hours attempt stage
He broke the previous record of 5,045 (which was achieved by fellow Canadian Lucas Garel back in 2011) after just 18 hr 52 min, but decided not to do any more chin ups for fear that he would cause irreparable damage to his already seriously injured shoulder.
Most chin ups in 24 hours shoulder injury
Following the gruelling attempt Joonas called his girlfriend onto the platform and asked her to marry him – successfully finishing the day with a new Guinness World Records title and a fiancée.
Most chin ups in 24 hours certificate
However, the fitness fanatic was then advised to rest for a couple of months to let his body heal properly.
Most chin ups in 24 hours blistered hands
The entire attempt was streamed online and attracted in excess of 337,000 viewers.
Even the well-known Finnish singer Frederik sent a message of encouragement to Joonas over the phone, which was heard on speakers by onlookers.