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British motorcycle racer and engineer Guy Martin yesterday smashed the Guinness World Records title for the Highest speed on a Wall of Death, travelling at a perilous 125.77 km/h (78.15 mph) around a vertical barrel-shaped wooden cylinder at Manby Airfield, UK, with the challenge televised live on Channel 4’s “Guy Martin’s Wall of Death - Live”.
The purpose-built wall measured an intimidating 37.5 meters in diameter and was constructed out of 52 metal shipping containers which were placed upright and lined with timber.
Guy Martin Highest speed on a Wall of Death attempt
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The daring 34-year-old had to withstand forces of 5.2G and risked blacking out while whizzing around the wall on his Triumph motorbike. Watch the full video below.
The experienced rider had trained for this challenge for a year with Wall of Death expert Ken Fox.
Another Guinness World Records title was set on the show by champion BMX rider Shanaze Reade, who achieved the Highest bicycle speed on a Wall of Death with 42.94 km/h (26.68 mph).
The pair received their official certificates from Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre following the nail-biting attempts.
Guy is no stranger to record-breaking, having achieved the Fastest speed on a gravity powered snow sled with 134.368 km/h (83.49 mph) on the set of Channel 4's "Speed with Guy Martin" in Grandvalira, Andorra, on 10 January 2014.
He also holds the title for the Fastest speed in a soapbox (motorless vehicle)with 137.78 km/h (85.61 mph), accomplished at Mont Venoux, France, on 16 October 2014.