As part of the “Put Cancer Under Pressure” campaign, Christi Quill (USA) recently set an incredible new record for the Longest open saltwater SCUBA dive (female) in an inspirational 51 hr 25 min 0 sec at La Jolla Shores in San Diego, California, USA – beating the minimum by over an hour.
Christi sadly lost her mother to breast cancer the year before and this is what motivated her to attempt a Guinness World Records title and raise money for the American Cancer Society.
In her application for the title, Christi explained to Guinness World Records: “I decided that since I am a diver I would do what I do best, I would dive and utilize this platform to kick off the fundraiser … I was excited to attempt this record and it was for a great cause … Thank you for such an AMAZING and AWESOME experience.”
On the challenge of staying underwater for so long, the experienced diver said: “I had a support team of over 30 people and safety divers called ‘Team Amazing’ … they brought gear, food and water to me underwater. Once the dive time started, at no time did I come above 17 feet. My average depth was 22 feet.”
Christi Quill after the longest open water scuba dive
Just a few days later, Cem Karabay, in collaboration with the Prime Ministry of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus & Merit International Hotels (all Turkey), broke the male record with an unbelievable 72 hr dive in Girne, in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.