Since it was first organised by Richard Branson in 2013, the annual Virgin Kitesurfing Armada has consistently broken the record for the Largest parade of kite surfers - most recently at Dolphin Beach, Cape Town, South Africa with an amazing 415 people.
At the attempt, participants gathered in four launch zones upwind of the marked starting line. Then, following the signal, the kite surfers set off one at a time from each zone and began travelling down the 2.41 km (1.5 mile) course from Dolphin Beach to Doodles bar.
It took approximately three hours for all the successful surfers to cross the finish line. Unfortunately 16 participants were disqualified for not finishing at the correct point or failing to complete the entire course.
The yearly event first set the record along the coast of Hayling Island in Hampshire, UK in 2013 with 318 participants – led by Richard Branson – and then broke it the following year at the Best Pro Center in Tarifa, Spain with 352 people.
Richard Branson recieves certificate after former largest parade of kite surfers
Richard Branson (far right) accepts certificate from Guinness World Records Editor-in-Chief Craig Glenday (centre) in 2013

Speaking to News24, event promoter Andre de Wet said: "After eighteen months of planning and preparation ... it’s a fantastic feeling to know they we did it! Now we just need to retain the record every year!"

The Virgin Kitesurfing Armada raises significant funds for charity each year.