Diver training agency Raid Italia (Italy) recently smashed the record for the Longest human chain underwater creating an incredible 173-person line in the sea on Elba Islands in Bologna, Italy.
Wearing standard scuba diving equipment, the participants followed marked buoys and rope in the water before completely submerging themselves for the minimum of one minute – holding hands throughout the attempt.
In their application to Guinness World Records, a spokesperson for Raid Italia explained their reason behind the attempt: “We want to do it because we want to show how wonderful is scuba diving and […] we also want to demonstrate that scuba diving is able to join all the people in the world.”
The Italian divers broke the record of 110 participants that was achieved by Groupement des Professionnels de la Plongée (France), in Saint Leu, Réunion, France, in 2013.
However, the Longest human chain (length) on ground was made up of more than five million people. On 11 December 2004 this staggering number of people joined hands to form a 1,050 km (652.4 miles) long human chain, from Teknaf to Tentulia, Bangladesh.
Longest human chain