With a year packed full of amazing world record achievements drawing to a close, Guinness World Records is taking a month-by-month look back over the most impressive, exciting and game-changing accomplishments that have happened in 2016. 
The month of June saw some terrific records to kick off the Summer, ranging from incredible hula hooping, a precocious balloon-popping pup, all the way to a career-topping baseball hit.  
Finding Dory was a hot topic early on in June, bringing excitement to families everywhere who had waited 13 years for a sequel since the 2003 premier of Finding Nemo. 
After opening weekend, the widely anticipated Pixar film amassed an incredible five record titles from its release, the titles being: 
- Fastest animated movie to gross $100 million at 2 days 
- Highest grossing day for an animation with $54,746,405 
- Highest domestic box office film gross for a 3D animation – opening weekend with  $135,060, 273
- Highest grossing underwater movie with a total of $1,001,518,965 
- Highest box office film gross for an animation – opening day with  with $54,746,405 
From the record-shattering numbers, it was clear many were excited to see beloved fish characters Dory and Nemo; the buzz also helped bring some attention to our record-breaking creatures under the sea.
Keeping things close to the shore, the Virgin Kitesurfing Armada broke its own record once again for the Largest parade of kite surfers in Cape Town, South Africa. 

The company first attempted this title in 2013, achieving the record with 318 participants. 
Now after three years, they’ve grown to 423 active kite surfers, creating a vibrant ensemble down a 1.5 mile course in the ocean. 
In the sporting world, famed MLB outfielder Ichiro Suzuki became unofficially known as the Base Hit King. 
Most basehits in an MLB career
After slamming his 4,257th hit at a Miami Marlins game in California, USA, mid-June, he earned the title for Most base hits in a career - professional baseball. 
Over the course of his major league journey, Suzuki has mounted up an amazing six other Guinness World Record titles.

The month of June hailed strong heat waves for New York City, where multi-hula hooping record holder Marawa The Amazing achieved the Fastest 100 m hula hooping in scorching temperatures.


In a field at Central Park, Marawa carried out her record on a Facebook Live broadcast.



She sprinted the distance in 21.14 seconds while spinning a hula hoop continuously, achieving the title.


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Another one of our agile female record holders, Silvana Shamuon, impressed many in June with her record Most items kicked off peoples heads in one minute

Using a skillfully high kick, she knocked down 59 American footballs with her feet. 

Silvana attributed her nimble abilities to 19 years spent studying martial arts. 


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June ended with internet sensation Twinkie, who went viral after we posted his video for Fastest time to pop 100 balloons by a dog on the Guinness World Records Facebook page.



Twinkie rapidly accomplished this title after bursting all red balloons in 39.08 seconds, beating his mother’s former title at 44.49 seconds.


The world could not get enough of him; after 62 million views on Facebook, he performed his record again on the popular U.S. morning show Live! with Kelly.  



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