For the first time ever, Guinness World Records will partner with the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon for their 2017 race, offering runners the chance to make their mark in history. 
Beyond completing the 26.2 mile run on the iconic “Stadium to the Sea” course – a feat in itself – runners will be given the opportunity to attempt an official record title.
Helping to make this already extraordinary event even more memorable, Guinness World Records, the global authority on record breaking achievement, will be providing record-breaking hopefuls with on-the-day record verification at the 2017 race. 
From creative costumed records like Fastest marathon dressed as Elvis (current record: 2 hr 42 min 52 sec), to record challenges that require additional agility or skill, such as Fastest marathon running with an egg and spoon (current record: 3 hr 47 min), attempting a record title offers the perfect opportunity to make marathon history on the world-famous streets of Los Angeles. 
“Partnering with Guinness World Records is a natural fit for the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon, and we’re thrilled to present runners this opportunity to exceed limits and make their race experience even more special,” said Tracey Russell, Chief Executive of Conqur Endurance Group, the organizer of the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon. “The annual race reflects Los Angeles’ signature style and vibrancy, and adding a record-breaking element further enhances the race as one of the most unique, fun and world-class endurance events in the US and around the world.” 
With a presence at marathons in Toronto, London, Berlin and Sydney, the 2017 Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon marks the first time Guinness World Records will be on site verifying official record attempts at a US-based race. 
Please note that Guinness World Records participants must be entered in the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon event before applying. For further information on how to apply, please click here. 
The deadline for applications is 6 PM PST on February 24, 2017.
If you would like to attempt a record, please make a standard application via our website’s ‘Set a Record’ section and include the following information:
• A record title and a full description of the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS attempt
• Dimensions of the costume or object that is to be worn or carried (including height, width, depth and weight)
• Projected finish time in any costume you hope to run in
• Once you have applied, the allocated record manager will request that a photograph that clearly shows the runner wearing/carrying the full costume and/or object is submitted via the online portal
• Should your application be successful, you will be required to complete a biography
Once you’ve made an application, please email and with your Application Reference #.  
As part of the submission process a full description of each applicant's planned record attempt will be sent to the Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon operations team. The attempt will then be assessed to ensure it is appropriate for the race. 
Skechers Performance Los Angeles Marathon reserves the right to deny entry into the 2017 race if the costume is deemed to be inappropriate or violate health and safety regulations.