Dutch university students create super-sized Monopoly board to set new world record

By Rachel Swatman
Largest board game aerial shot
Students and staff of the Studentenvereniging Ceres (student association) in Wageningen, Netherlands have passed Go and landed in the record books after creating the world’s Largest board game, Monopoly®.
The to-scale replica of the iconic board game measured an enormous 900.228 m² (9,689.97 ft²) and was made of 804 individual panels attached together.
Largest board game
Sponsored by the game’s producer Hasbro, the university students also created a massive die and houses to complete the game.
Largest board game Monopoly houses
Once it was all put together on a sports field, the university students got a chance to play the giant game, with participants standing in for playing tokens and acting as the silver boots, iron, top hat and wheel barrow.
Largest board game dice
A real dog even played the part of the animal token.
Largest board game certificate presentation
After the game, official Guinness World Records adjudicator Jack Brockbank announced that Studentenvereniging Ceres had successfully broken the previous record of 744.867 m² (8,017.69 ft²), achieved in the US earlier this year.