Wendy Suen was given a snow globe by her husband for Christmas in 2000. Since then she has gone on to accumulate the Largest collection of snow globes in the world.
The Chinese Canadian now has a staggering 4,059 individual snow globes stored in her home in Shanghai.
Her collection was first recognised by Guinness World Records in 2005 when she had a comparatively small total of 904 mini globes.
The record was then raised to 1,888 in 2008 and Wendy earned a coveted spot in the Guinness World Records 2010 Edition.
Largest collection of snow globes Wendy Suen 
Wendy's favourite snow globe will always be the one her husband got her back in 2000.
“Outside the globe is a grey colour cat […] and inside the globe is a mouse, not only is it a regular mouse but a computer mouse made in 24 carat gold. I love this globe because I am a cat lover, and my husband was born in the year of the mouse, so it’s like we are both part of this lovely globe,” she explained.
Wendy Suens first snow globe in her collection 
To Wendy snow globes represent 'romance', 'dreams' and 'happiness', so she always tries to find new items to add to her ever-growing collection wherever she travels.
She says that nothing will compare with the happiness she feels when a carefully-selected snow globe is added to the display units in her living room.
Largest collection of snow globes GWR certificate 
Of her collection, 439 items are Christmas-themed and include images of Santa Claus, reindeer and Christmas trees.
Largest collection of snow globes Christmas 
When she is not doing her hobby, Wendy works as the Chief Talent Officer for Omnicon Media Group in China.
"In the future I want to be a snow globe designer, open a themed museum or do some charity, bringing more dreams and happiness to more people," she said.
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