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Each week here on guinnessworldrecords.com, we’ll be dipping into our extensive video library to bring you a classic piece of record-breaking action.
This week’s Classics clip takes us back to Lake Päijänne in Asikkala, Finland where freediving athlete Johanna Nordblad set an incredible world record on 14 March 2015.
Johanna successfully achieved the Longest swim under ice - breath held (no fins, no diving suit) female with an impressive 50 metres.
The attempt took place during an ice diving event.
Longest swim under ice female Finland
A hole was cut in the 30cm thick ice and Johanna dived into the freezing water and successfully swam the pre-measured track.
Speaking to Guinness World Records, Johanna said: “I wanted to break a record because I love to swim and free-dive and I enjoy cold water. And I love to test my limits.”
Longest swim under ice female underwater
The 39-year-old athlete and designer first started freediving in 2,000. She went on to compete professionally in in the sport and then coached the men’s national team for the 2014 World Cup in Italy.
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