You haven’t seen “tall” until you’ve seen this monster sandwich; which has set a delicious new Guinness World Records title. 
Di Lusso Deli Company last month made a successful attempt at the record for Most layers in a sandwich at Madison Square Park, New York (USA). 
most layers in a sandwich 2
In order for the record to be achieved, expert sandwich makers had to make sure the super-sized stack of bread and meat stood proudly on it’s own for one minute, without any type of assistance or support.
The participant who stood up to the sandwich challenge was Dr. Irwin Adam Eydelnant of Future Food Studio. 
Irwin is a creative food scientist who uses engineering, technology, and biology to re-imagine how one interacts with food- essentially, the perfect person to rise to the daunting sandwich challenge. 
most layers in a sandwich 5
After the official adjudicator started the clock, Irwin began stacking bread, mustard and salami which resulted in an incredible 60 layers of loaded sandwich. 
Before achieving the final total of 60, Di Lusso tried two times prior, each time beating their score of sandwich layers. 
most layers in a sandwich 3
Upon the last attempt, they beat the previous record which was held by Sugardale Foods in Cleveland, Ohio for a 40 layer sandwich.
With famed TV personality Padma Lakshmi present for the event, the deli achieved a fantastic new record before the food was consumed by attendees of the event. 
most layers in a sandwich 4