Motivated by an episode of “Mythbusters”, a group of high schoolers recently set a new world record for Longest duration waterski tow by a rowing boat.
The crew team of Hingham High School, Massachusetts (USA) had been inspired after watching Stanford University’s crew team prove on the science-based TV show that it was in fact possible to keep a water-skier afloat using the man-power of rowing. 
Stanford had managed to keep their water-skier upright for 54 seconds, but the young men of HHS knew they could do better.
In August of this year, the team gathered the necessary equipment to attempt the challenge. 
Longest duration waterski tow by a rowing boat 1
With valiant effort, they managed to steadily pull their coxswain behind a rowing shell for a reported two minutes. 
Unfortunately, HHS didn’t have the necessary evidence to officially prove they had broken a Guinness World Records title. 
Longest duration waterski tow by a rowing boat 2
Determined to be officially recognised for their efforts, the team set about organising a new attempt, this time recording the required information for verification.
Keen to get their attempt verified as soon as possible, the team opted for a Fast Track application, raising $1,000 in order for our Records team to provide a priority review. 
Longest duration waterski tow by a rowing boat 3
Nearly two months later, on a very chilly day afloat the rowing waters that they had practiced on, the team sat ready in their official bright red uniforms. 
Official adjudicator Hannah Ortman arrived, to review the rules and regulations for them to complete the attempt successfully. 
The team could have no more than eight rowers, a critical part, as the number of rowers dictates how much endurance the team is able to have.
Amongst the rowing participants, were Wil Mullin (stroke), Jack Metzger, Jared Freeman, Ethan Quinn, Geoff Hewett, Brendan Chase and Andrew Sandberg and Tyler O'Connell (bow).
Longest duration waterski tow by a rowing boat 4
The remaining members were Jonas Fryer (coxswain) and Cotter McCarthy (water skier) who would hang on to the trailing rope as long as possible. 
With clear blue skies and a steady wind, adjudicator Hannah marked the count down. The boys took off in unison, maximizing their resilience and strength with every stroke. 
Crowds of parents and local fans cheered on the shorelines, right until the very end of the attempt. 
The boys had given their best efforts, and pulled into shore to hear the final results. 
After a moment of tallying the numbers, the adjudicator happily announced that Hingham High School Rowing had achieved a time of four minutes, and eight seconds. 
The entire team, parents and coaches beamed at their accomplishment; the team had come a long way since watching that first episode of “Mythbusters”, blowing Stanford University’s time literally out of the water. 
The team made one final “dab” in celebration of the event. 
Longest duration waterski tow by a rowing boat 5
They are a phenomenal example of how diligence and perseverance can earn you a world achievement.