LUNEUR PARK S.p.A. in Rome, Italy was the venue for a charming and colourful Guinness World Records attempt when the amusement park invited guests to help celebrate its reopening after eight years.
Hundreds of children and families helped create the world’s Largest display of toy windmills/pinwheels, building an impressive total of 576 and planting them in the attraction’s Garden of Wonders.
Largest display of toy windmills kids
Guinness World Records adjudicator Lorenzo Veltri was on hand to officiate the challenge and was thrilled to announce that LUNEUR PARK S.p.A. had successfully achieved a brand new record title.
This record marks the reopening of the park after undergoing substantial renovation.
Largest display of toy windmills GWR kids
LUNEUR PARK S.p.A. is considered to have been the first amusement park in Italy, having first opened in 1953. It was intended to be a temporary fixture but due to its popularity it stayed open until 2008, when it was unfortunately closed.
Largest display of toy windmills GWR Italy
The organisers of this record attempt suggest that the movement of the pinwheels represent the rebirth of the park.
Largest display of toy windmills GWR certificate presentation