Norwegian chefs broke the world record for the Largest sushi mosaic as part of the 100-year anniversary celebration of the Bodø Glimt football club.
The enormous mosaic measured an incredible 56.50 m² (608.16 ft² ) and included a whopping 800 kg salmon, 400 kg rice, 200 l rice vinegar, 480 kg cucumber and 10 kg chives.
The attempt was organised by Leonardo Figueroa Aguilar, Salten Aqua AS, Rå:Bra Sushi, Du Verden Restaurant, Svolvær, AMJ Gruppen Bodø, Glimt, Køltzow and Sparebank1 Nord-Norge and took place during Bodø Glimt’s home game against Sport Club Brann in Aspyrma Stadion, Bodo, Norway.
Largest sushi mosaic Norway
The edible artwork was created by four chefs, led by Leonardo Figueroa Aguilar who runs a sushi bar in Stockholm, Sweden.
Speaking of the challenges they faced during the record attempt, Leonardo said: “Because of the rules from the Norwegian food council the sushi mosaic could only stay two hours outside in the football stadium. We were in a hurry in the end and I was close to a heart attack.”
However, official Guinness World Records adjudicator Sofia Greenacre was eventually able to confirm that a new record had been set.
Largest sushi mosaic certificate presentation
Following the Guinness World Records guidelines, once the attempt was over the sushi was distributed among the guests at the soccer game.
Largest sushi mosaic distributing to guests
Previously, the largest sushi mosaic measured 41.99 m² (451 ft² 140 in²) and was created by Young Entrepreneurs Group of The Ono Chamber Of Commerce & Industry and The Ono Chamber of Commerce & Industry in Ono, Fukui, Japan, on 31 January 2015.