Liu He from China has spun into the record books after breaking his own record for the Most backflips with a water jet pack in one minute on Bahe Lake in Xi'an, Shanxi, China.
A large crowd of people cheered Liu on during the exciting record challenge and Guinness World Records judge Charles Wharton was on site to provide official verification of the title.
Liu propelled himself through the air a dizzying 33 times, with the Guinness World Records adjudicator confirming that a total of 29 flips were complete 360 degree rotations.
This means that Liu bettered his previous record of 27 that he achieved last year by two full flips.
The water sports enthusiast is often found competing in jet ski races and other water-based competitions and this is his second Guinness World Records achievement.
Other incredible records set with the water-propelled device include the Longest journey by a water jet pack. On 8 Nov 2013, TV presenter Pollyanna Woodward (UK) jetted off from Gozo Marina in Malta using a jet pack that draws in water and forces it out under pressure, providing lift. She covered a record 36.45 km (22.64 mi) in 4 hr 45 min.
Longest journey by a water jet pack
More recently, on 14 Jun 2015, a group of 58 participants, each sporting a Flyboard water jet pack, took to the waves – and then to the air – at the seaside resort of Cavalaire-sur-Mer in France. The Largest formation of water jet packs was achieved by Breitling Flyboard Family.
Largest formation of water jet packs