Lorne Figley is content with his time spent in the inner workings of most people’s homes. 
Amongst pipes, refrigerators, air conditioning units, and sheet metal, you’ll most likely find him in a blue jumpsuit figuring out the best way to fix the issue he was hired to solve. 
Oldest Plumber 2
Although most retire in their late 60s, Figley has no intention to stop his ongoing 65-year plumbing career.
At the grand old age of 92, his career has brought him many rewarding situations, but being recognised by Guinness World Records for being the world's Oldest plumber may arguably be the highlight. 
Lorne began his journey when he returned from WWII after fighting with the Canadian forces during the liberation of Holland. 
At that point he didn’t know much about plumbing, but that would soon change. 
In 1947 he concluded a sheet metal apprenticeship, which lead him to form the Broadway Heating Ltd. with four of his friends. 
Oldest Plumber 1
After a relatively successful start, the friends determined there was opportunity to grow and Lorne decided to hire a plumber in 1951 - a decision that would ultimately lead him towards his record-breaking career.
Lorne completed a Red Seal (Journeyman) certification in steam fitting/pipefitting, plumbing, refrigeration and air conditioning, giving him the well-rounded background that he would need to buy out his co-owners and become the sole proprietor of the company. 
Lorne’s passion for the trade is fuelled by his love for problem solving, and the trouble-shooting nature that comes with the job.
His wit and natural handiness paid off—after earning his Interprovincial Red Seal tickets, he was able to expand his systematic reasoning to North West territories, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, Canada. 
Oldest Plumber 4
Unlike most areas of work, the field of plumbing hasn't arguably evolved a great deal over time. 
Lorne is still able to enjoy the work that he loves as the basic rules of design and engineering remaining unchanged since he first learned the work in the 1950s.
Figley smiles when driving around Saskatoon area, and sees commercial buildings and homes where he installed the plumbing and heating systems nearly 60 years ago.
His part in the work lends him a feeling of pride and accomplishment, for maintaining his world long enough to become a Guinness World Records title holder. 
Oldest Plumber 3
That feeling won’t go away any time soon, according to Lorne, the future is bright and filled with plumbing, heating, and refrigeration prospects. 
“Working helps keep my body fit and my brain sharp,” says Figley, “I hope to die with a pipe wrench in my hand!”