Welcome to the Guinness World Records Italian Show – a weekly video series featuring the most astonishing, shocking and awe-inspiring record attempts from the recent seventh series of Italy’s Lo Show Dei Record.
Episode three sees fearless Ruan Liangming (China) cover his entire body in bees during a nail-biting attempt to create the ultimate “bee beard”.
“Bee bearding” is a carnival act thought to date back to the 19th century. Performers place a queen bee on their bodies which then attracts thousands of the flying insects.
Ruan successfully set a record for the Heaviest mantle of bees, which weighed a daunting 63.7 kg (140 lb 6.95 oz) and consisted of approximately 637,000 individual insects, including a terrifying 60 queens.
Ruan’s challenge took place outside on the co-filming set of "CCTV-Guinness World Records Special" and "Lo Show Dei Record" in Fengxin County, Yichun City, Jiangxi Province, China, with official adjudicators Angela Wu and Lisa Hoffman on hand to verify the attempt - from a safe distance.
The experienced entertainer explained to Guinness World Records:  “The challenger must keep calm when dealing with bees. Bees will die once they sting you, so they usually avoid stinging unless they think you’re threatening them. If you notice bees are in an ‘unsteady’ mood, you need to figure out the reason quickly or stop the record attempt.”
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