Takahiro Ikeda (Japan) holds three impressive bike riding Guinness World Records titles, including the Most BMX time machines in one minute.
A BMX time machine is a complex trick that involves standing on a bike and spinning it through 360° - Takahiro managed to rotate his BMX an amazing 83 times within sixty seconds on the set of 'Lo Show dei Record' in Milan, Italy.
Explaining why he attempted the record, Takahiro said he wanted “to show as many people as possible what a great skill the Time Machine is – and to be the best at it.”
The BMX is not simply a mode of transport for Takahiro, but a means of self-expression.
The rider goes on to say, “Everyone who can gather enough self-confidence should try for a record. Gaining the record made me much more confident and it has very positively changed my life.”

Putting his success down to daily practice, Takahiro also holds the records for the Most BMX megaspins in 30 seconds with 45, and the Most gyrator spins in one minute with 59.

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