Gamer Joel “Jodenstone” Ekman from Sweden set the any-percentage record for Zelda: Ocarina of Time (non-tool assisted) by completing the game in just 17 min 55 sec, whilst it was livestreamed to 1,300 people.
He beat his previous record of 18 min 7 sec, but what is more significant is that this is the first time the game has ever been completed in under 18 min.
Having played Zelda continually from the ages 8-14 – a huge fan of the game’s art, music, and exciting combination of combat with adventure - Joel then discovered the world of competitive gaming.
The perfectionist was drawn to speed running (completing a game as fast as possible within a certain set of rules) and has spent about 2,000 hours honing his game-play skills. For example, he runs backwards because this allows the character to move faster.
Joel's record holder profile video reveals the action from his photoshoots in Stockholm – one in a -7C ice bar that is reminiscent of the ice cavern in the game, and another in Hagaparken, a place where the buildings look like they have jumped straight out of Zelda.

Talking about his record title the talented speed-runner says: “being in the book will be really cool”.
Joel’s impressive feat appears alongside thousands of amazing achievements in the new Gamers Edition: out now.
2016 Guinness World Records Books