EA’s FIFA is the Best-selling soccer videogame franchise of all time, having shifted 125.82 million copies since it was launched in 1993 (as of 25 July 2014).
Ahead of the release of the much-anticipated FIFA 16 which is in stores tomorrow, today we introduce one of the most exciting record holders from this year’s Gamers Edition.  
Meet Christopher Cook (UK) – the man who played FIFA 15 for an incredible 48 hr 49 min 41 sec, to set new records for the Longest videogame marathon on a football (soccer) game and Longest marathon on a FIFA videogame.
A popular choice for marathon record attempts, the football game record has been broken five times since it was first set in 2010, Christopher singlehandedly smashed the record of 48 hours 5 minutes that was achieved by Jordan Bloeman and Scott Francis Winder (both Canada) back in 2012.
The Arsenal supporter doesn’t claim to be the most talented FIFA player in the world (and admits he lost a lot of matches towards the third day) - instead, this was an endurance challenge about raising money for the charity SpecialEffect
It was a personal decision for the gamer as just a few years ago Christopher obtained an injury which meant that he was temporarily housebound and playing FIFA enabled him to socialise with other people and he’s made friends through it.
Guinness World Records recently met up with Chris who talked about losing the feeling in his hands during the attempt and his plans for marathon #2.

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