American World Jump Champion Freddy Krueger took to the skies at the weekend during the World of X Games: Mastercraft Throwdown’ in in Grand Rapids, Michigan to set a new record for the Furthest distance waterski flying.
The fearless 40-year-old was pulled from a 105-ft rope towed to a 570-horsepower MasterCraft ProStar boat.
Freddy then skied up a large ramp and soared an incredible 91.5 m (312 ft) through the air – flying further than the length of a football pitch.
To successfully set the record, Freddy had to land on his skis and remain upright after the jump, which he executed perfectly.
The pro-jumper then flew a distance of 304 ft during a live televised event, and in front of thousands of attending waterski enthusiasts – clearly no victim to so much added pressure.
Official Guinness World Records adjudicator Alex Angert was at the event to oversee the record-breaking flight, and was on hand afterwards to present a certificate to a thrilled and emotional Krueger.
Speaking after the successful attempt, Freddy said, “I’ve always dreamed about being the best at something and today, with the help of everyone involved with this production, I can say that I am. I am so humbled to be allowed to achieve my dream at an event like this. I’m ecstatic on the inside but more than anything, I’m humbled by the support all around me. This experience has been unreal.” 
Krueger smashed the previous record of 91.1 m (298 ft 10 in) which was achieved by Jaret Llewellyn (Canada) and had stood unbeaten for 15 years.
Surpassing the 300 ft mark was an important triumph for Krueger, who said, “This opportunity to try and get back out here and try to go 300, and show the world what that looks like, it’s one of my life goals quite honestly.”
The female record for the furthest distance waterski flying is held by Elena Milakova (Russia), who glided 69.4 m (227 ft 8.2 in) through the air back in 2002.