Guinness World Records can confirm that super-fit Carlton Williams (UK) has broken his own record for the Most push ups in one hour, after he performed an incredible 2,220 complete press ups at a gym in Margaret River, Western Australia, Australia.
The 50-year-old smashed his previous record of 1,874 reps that he achieved last year, showing that his three months hard training definitely paid off.
"I didn't really feel that much pain,” he said, “I got a shoulder injury - that was my biggest problem … after a while you just get used to it."
The clock did not stop at any point during Carlton's attempt, and both his hands had to remain flat on the floor for the full 60 minutes. Doing the push ups, he had to lower his body until a 90 degree angle was attained at the elbow, in order to add the rep to his tally and for it to be accepted by the attending Guinness World Records adjudicator.
Whilst the record took place in Australia, the construction worker is originally from Wales and claimed that he was attempting the record to “prove for once and for all that the Welsh people are physically, socially and spiritually superior”.
Carlton attempted the record under the gaze of a crowd of encouraging spectators, who were thrilled to see the fitness-fanatic succeed.
The Most push ups completed in 24 hours is 46,001, a record accomplished by Charles Servizio (USA) back in 1993 and has remained unbeaten ever since.
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Those with enough stamina can watch Carlton's epic record attempt in full in the player below.