Each Wednesday we shine a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
This week we head to Russia and take to the skies for a recent achievement featuring a spectacular formation of helicopters.
Twenty-five Robinson helicopters flown by a team of skillful private pilots led by Evgeny Kabanov and Alexander Kabanov formed a diamond shape over Heliport Istra, Bunkovo Village, Russia, on 6 June 2015. Watch the results in the video below.
"We love flying and having fun," said Evgeny.
"After studying GWR we found out about existing largest helicopter formation flight record and decided to break it. It took us more than a year of training and preparation with regular exercises on a weekly basis."
The group wanted to encourage the popularisation of helicopter flying with their record-breaking stunt.
The record hasn't been beaten for seven years. In 2005 16 Breda Nardini NH-500-E helicopters were flown over Frosinone Airbase in Italy forming the number '72' by the Italian Air Force, 72nd Wing.
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* The full list of pilots and co-pilots that took part in the attempt were: Aganbegyan Ruben, Mikhailov Alexander, Melnikov Sergey, Kabanov Evgeny, Shabaykin Viacheslav, Ravinskiy Platon, Anashkin Grigori, Tyurin Vladimir, Koltsov Nickolay, Chunchenpak Ekaterina, Farikh Mikhail, Zhadnov Ivan, Filippov Anton, Pegasov Sergey, Antiperovich Sergey, Sotnikov Maxim, Karpenko Evgeniy, Lelekov Vladimir, Orekhov Andrey, Nechiporenko Oleg, Grebenschikov Kirill, Kurylev Alexander, Yablokov Yury, Fetisova Tatiana, Pankratov Evgeny Abramochkin Pavel, Shmelev Konstantin, Tkachev Maxim, Kabanov Alexander, Moskin Andrey, Efremov Sergey, Kondrashov Sergey, Evdokimov Alexander, Stogov Vladimir, Erokhin Alexey, Petrov Alexander, Dulneva Anna, Filippova Tatiana, Gagarin Valeriy, Ekhina Maria, Puajukas Oleg, Bagel Maxim, Koltypin Peter, Sazonov Vadim, Charkina Angelina, Rudoy Igor, Divnov Evgeny, Podoynitsyn Konstantin, Prusakov Dmitry and Balandin Mikhail.