Belgian twins Pierre and Paul Langerock have recently celebrated their 102nd birthdays, and Guinness World Records has now confirmed that the pair are officially the Oldest living twins (male) in the world.
Born on 8 July 1913 (a year before the start of World War 1) the brothers have spent their whole lives together, sharing their long careers as court magistrates and remaining unmarried because they always disapproved of each other’s potential partners.
Over a century later, they are still best friends, sharing a room in a retirement home near Ghent in Belgium and enjoying some well-deserved rest.
On the secret to their longevity Paul said, “There isn’t much advice I can give. Don’t waste your time fooling around, don’t eat too much and don’t run after women”. Though they do endorse drinking one glass of red wine a day.
The brothers have exceeded even their doctor’s predictions, with Paul explaining, “When we were 85 we went to the doctor and he told us, ‘Don’t think you’ll be living to 100’. Well, I never really wanted to be this old.”
The identical duo are actually only three years away from surpassing the record for the Oldest twins ever (male) which is currently held by the late Glen and Dale Moyer (USA) – who were born in 1895 and both reached 105 years old.
The record for the Oldest twins ever (female) is held by Japan's Kin Narita and Gin Kanie who were born in 1892 and lived for an incredible 107 years.