An altogether fluffy fight broke out in the stands during a St. Paul Saints baseball game in Mnesota earlier this week when 6,261 people smashed the record for the Largest pillow fight.
The bedding battle surpassed a scuffle organised by previous record holder Super 8 (USA), which had 4,201 combatants back in 2014.
The cuddly riot which took place at CHS Field in St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. saw each participant given a pillow before the battle commenced. Under the rules for the attempt, the fight had to go on for a least one minute before it was verified as officially record-breaking.
The pillows were provided by My Pillow (USA) who organised the event alongside St. Paul Saints.

The attempt was hosted by Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin who picked up a feathery weapon and joined in the fight himself.
When fighting ceased, guests were invited to have a rest on their pillows, no doubt exhausted and ready for bed after successfully winning a coveted Guinness World Records title.