Every Wednesday we’ll be shining a light on the coolest, wackiest, or most unique records from around the globe recently approved by our Records Management Team with our Spotlight series.
We kick off this week's episode with an extraordinary feat from Puskar Nepal who recently set a new record for Most kicks to the head in one minute (self) at Kantipur City College in Kathmandu, Nepal. Puskar managed a total of 134 kicks to his own forehead in just sixty seconds. Watch him in action in the video below.
When applying for the record, Puskar told the Guinness World Records record managers: "I want to contribute something for the poor people of rural areas. I want the people from different countries to know about me. Breaking a world record has always been a dream for me."
Puskar developed a technique of alternating kicks using both feet and bending his body which required a flexibility and speed, practicing daily for eight months leading up to the attempt. One Nepalese witness at the Kantipur City College event, organised by T3 Thakali Group, told our adjudicators that he was so amazed at the speed of the attempt that he needed to check the video recording in slow motion following the attempt to ensure that the technique was completed correctly.
After checking through the records listed on our website, Puskar was inspired to attempt a record by prolific multiple Guinness World Records title holder Ashrita Furman.
"I started questioning myself - am i capable of being a record holder? The answer was 'Of course I am!'"
"I'm now so passionate about Guinness World Records that I aim to set more than 100 records. I believe my records would help promote my country, birthplace of Lord Gautam Buddha, around the globe. Also I want to prove that people from a small and poor country like Nepal can also do anything. I want to be inspiration of the people of my country."
"People are really amazing - they make the impossible things into possible."
In 2003 Michael Lloyd from Texas, USA kicked himself in the forehead 42 times in one minute, which started the ball rolling on this challenge. Since then, the record has been attempted on numerous occasions by record hopefuls all over the world and has been broken eight times, most recently by Joel Leindecker of the USA on the set of 'Guinness World Records Unleashed' in Los Angeles, California, USA in 2013. Joel achieved a total of 127 kicks.
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